Anonymous asked: who is the girl in your picture blowing kisses?

Yo Momma!

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 02:46pm

Anonymous asked: omg arsenal sucks. they scored 4 goals in 10 minutes.

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 02:28pm

Anonymous asked: why can't you use your hands in soccer? are they too lazy to pick up the ball?

I…I…I Have no idea…hmmm….good question.

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 02:10pm

Anonymous asked: what's soccer?

You are not allowed on the internet anymore! ok :)


Wednesday Jan 1 @ 01:46pm

Anonymous asked: What does caps stand for?

Did you know that you are on the internet and “Google” is available for you to use for such questions….??

But here is the answer anyways: In soccer, caps means how many times a player has played for his International team. The term comes from the time when every player on an International team was given a cap. Today, they are not given a cap, but the term remains in use. For more information look here:

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 12:37pm

Anonymous asked: How many caps does Cheney have?

82 Caps! :)

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 01:16pm

Anonymous asked: Why must I get out? Its a legitimate question. Leagues have struggled before. The market being small isn't a secret either. Are we supposed to expect different this time? At best this is just an attempt to cash in on post Olympic hype, but even that is pretty minimal.

Well how about you see how it plays out, instead of just hoping/assuming its just going to fail.

Friday Jan 1 @ 04:44pm

Anonymous asked: how many games do they actually play before this league folds too and people finally realize there is no market for it.

Go somewhere else with those comments. anon.

Friday Jan 1 @ 03:57pm

Anonymous asked: Help! Any live streams for the game tonight? Can't find one anywhere. Crying tbh

umm there is no game tonight…they don’t play again till wednesday.

Monday Dec 12 @ 04:32pm

Anonymous asked: "Garay is like the Hope Solo of volley." Agree or not?

ummmm ummmm ummmm I Don’t Know!! 0_o

Friday Nov 11 @ 10:59pm

Anonymous asked: how do you get to page 2? do i have the right browser? why am i so dumb??

on the left side of the screen close to the botton, its says next.

Friday Nov 11 @ 01:37pm

Anonymous asked: Who would win in a game of scrabble...T.S. Eliot or Notorious B.I.G.?

Biggy would win hands down! lol

Saturday Oct 10 @ 05:55pm

Anonymous asked: Are there additional spacetime dimensions?

Saturday Oct 10 @ 05:37pm

Anonymous asked: Ahahaha! But for reals, joo got a good blog here gurl and I gotta catch 'em all when I see you've posted! And I'll take you up on the baby offer ;)


Saturday Oct 10 @ 05:07pm

Anonymous asked: Oh no no no no, don't phunk with my heart...

Saturday Oct 10 @ 04:57pm
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