Trying to decide whether to buy another Cheney away Jersey (so I can actually wear it), or to get a Pinoe, Lloyd or KO away jersey…??

Saturday Jun 6 @ 02:36pm
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  1. rileybrynndibble answered: Kelley. no doubt about.<3
  2. snaildweeb answered: KO!
  3. dustfromthestepsbefore answered: I am also in this situation since Cheney signed my first Cheney jersey… But I am definitely getting another Cheney jersey! haha
  4. uswntpinoe answered: PINOE AWAY!!!
  5. youngandnaive21 answered: Tough.. I’d pick between Cheney or KO
  6. gabsterknowsbest answered: Cheney!
  7. yaykelleyoharadeactivated2013 answered: Well you know who I would vote for! ;) Do you have home jerseys already? I love the home jerseys!
  8. 23strongerthanyou answered: im hoping to buy a Pinoe jersey. but seriously i just want all of
  9. medwomen answered: pinoe
  10. bacchusbehave answered: Cheney!
  11. tpinoe answered: PINOE AWAY! :)
  12. theaudiopool answered: Cheney. I mean, aren’t you her #1 fan? :-)
  13. its-han answered: KO!
  14. martigrl answered: Cheney away so you can wear your pride lol
  15. hi-polymer answered: the new t90’s! sexy ass babies.
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